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What We Do

Mesila is dedicated to empowering the community to understand and apply the fundamental principles of financial stability. For adults this includes a comprehensive coaching service, workshops and seminars. For children and young adults we provide educational programmes to ensure they develop strong foundations.

With our innovative services, we aim to solve issues at their root by helping people to discover their own underlying mind-set when it comes to spending, to understand clearly their spending behaviour, thereby helping people to identify spending priorities and use those to create short, medium and long-term financial goals. For most of our users, this itself is innovative as they have never before planned further than the end of the month.

We are the only organisation within the Jewish community providing financial management solutions to people across the earning spectrum, not just those in debt or impoverished. In addition, we are the only ones to do so in a way that enables people to make long-term changes, enhancing their ability to manage money and develop long lasting skills in financial capability.

Simply put, Mesila help to enhance people’s financial life-skills in a way not currently available to most within the community.

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