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Mr. & Mrs. R.

To whom it may concern

Having recently completed the Mesila course – and seeing my life changed as a result – I’m writing to convey my thoughts on just how beneficial a service Mesila is.

For a start, it has removed the taboo of discussing finances with my spouse. Often a topic that is at best skirted around and at worst completely avoided, Mesila succeeded in bringing husband and wife firmly onto the same page. There can be no streamlining of finances without the cooperation of both partners in a marriage, and Mesila achieved this seamlessly. In addition, where one partner in a marriage might be the spender and the other more frugal, Mesila achieved harmony through the simple understanding of the state of our domestic finances. 

The next, most obvious benefit, is that we are now both crystal clear on our spending and how our income and expenditure streams are manifest in our daily lives. But here’s the catch: for people like us who appreciate the finer things in life, Mesila’s training doesn’t now mean living life on the cheap. The lifestyle can be maintained (provided the income is there!) and savings can be accrued without impact on lifestyle. 

Not having a clear picture of my financial situation had led to anxiety as well as discord in my personal live. Having a mastery over my finances means that it’s all on the table, clear and unambiguous. No need to fret!

In fact, not only does the anxiety dissipate, but making it to the end of each month with ease has become an exciting prospect, an achievement to celebrate!

Mesila’s approach to coaching is with sensitivity consideration. They don’t give instructions or talk condescendingly about the state of the client’s finances, however dire! We were coached to make any budgetary changes or adaptations under our own steam, as and when we felt ready.

Taking a Mesila course is not a sign of weakness. If you needed to learn Maths skills, would you not approach a Maths teacher? Mesila is about learning vital life skills. The client doesn’t necessarily need to be mired in unending debt to benefit; I can attest that even those who consider themselves financially sound and stable would benefit tremendously from the skills and coaching that Mesila impart. 

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