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Mr. & Mrs. F.

I work in the automobile industry and my wife is a housewife. We had struggled for years with working out what's coming in and what we're spending our money on. The awareness stage of the coaching really opened our eyes in terms of how to develop a proactive and positive approach to managing our finances. 

Mr. & Mrs. B.

My husband is a bookkeeper and I work in the healthcare industry, We earn almost £50,000 a year but it was a struggle. We were depleting savings to get by and were in debt. I was skeptical at first but we've found ways to increase our overall financial awareness. There's still work to do but we can  finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Mr. & Mrs. R.

We both work and earn well. I'm a receptionist and my husband is a teacher. Together we have an annual income more than £75,000. We never used to really keep up with what was coming and what was going out. We also struggled to put money aside. Our coach helped us to identify our spending priorities and plan accordingly. It’s an essential tool which should be introduced early in marriage.

Mr. & Mrs. L.

I work in business and my wife is an administrator. Together we earn more than £70,000 per year. However, we have debt from a few years ago and we also struggled to achieve clarity about our income & expenditure. Thanks to Mesila, we are now able to sit around the table together and find a way forward. We are excited to see the end of the tunnel, and are determined to use all the skills acquired through Mesila coaching.

Mr. & Mrs. R.

I'm a teacher during the day and I also work as a musician in the evenings and at weekends. Even with an income of more than £60,000, we never had money left at the end of the month. We also constantly struggled to make a budget that we could stick to! Through Mesila coaching we've found ways to increase our income as well as learn the right way to make a budget that lasts!  We can't recommend Mesila highly enough and have even mentioned them to friends!

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